Achieving Excellence™ in Style


Crishon Jerome, Founder/CEO

Atlanta, GA. -- Georgetown University -- B.A. in Government -- Ella's Dad -- Pro Dancer -- Shoe Aficionado 

I originally created CRōME as a creative way to honor my Dad, who was unfortunately killed when I was just 10 years old. Growing up without my Dad was tough, but it eventually helped me to develop an attitude of excellence. This idea would go on to shape CRōME's motto of  "Achieving Excellence" as a way to encourage others toward achievement despite whatever obstacle they might face. And though CRōME is designed with the "ARTrepreneur" in mind, I hope to use the brand as a platform to empower new generations of young leaders to pursue their dreams bravely and unapologetically. 

Performance Credits: Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Jussie Smollett, The Band Perry, SNL, Rascal Flats, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, Frank Ocean, FloRida, Nike, Under Armour, Moncler, Cirque du Soleil, VMAs, , America’s Got Talent, House of Cards, "STEP" (Film), "Bolden" (Film), Washington National Opera and more.

Lara Crozier, aka LCreezy, COO

British/American -- Swirly Girl -- 26.2 for Breakfast -- "Tea? Yes, Please!!!" -- Laila's Aunt -- Tattoos -- Opulence

After 15 years of healthcare administration, I decided to leave the credentialing and process improvement world behind to sell CRōME t-shirts out of the trunk and take pictures of people wearing them. 2 years ago I bought a for real, grown up camera and sent my iPhone to the retirement home. Our pictures have been much better following that decision. 

Since going full time with CRōME, life has been pretty exciting: I've had my photos published in Vogue, Elle and Huffington Post; I've seen products we created on Bravo and HBO; I've hung with some celebrities, and I've learned to make the perfect cocktail to help get us through those 23-hour work sessions. Though these last two years have been really cool, I know that we have only just begun. I look forward to all that we will create and experience in the name of CRōME.