Achieving Excellence™ in Style

Science tells us that "energy is neither created nor destroyed; rather, it is transformed..." I know this to be true and CRōME is the proof: 

Growing up, the word "chrome" described two things to a kid from the inner city: rims and guns. In my neighborhood the only people who had both were killers and drug dealers. Then, sadly and ironically, my father was killed by a drug dealer when I was just 10 years of age. Though the initial shock of his death was devastating, I was determined to turn this tragedy into triumph and help inspire others like me along the way.

I believed that, even in his absence, I could make my dad proud by building a brand that reclaims the meaning of "chrome" into something more positive.

CRōME was named after my father, Crishon Jerome. He embodied our core values of strength, beauty, endurance, and integrity, which are also characteristics of the element chromium.

And like my father, CRōME stands for excellence and achievement. We are proud to celebrate his legacy and promise to continue "Achieving Excellence" in all that we do.