Achieving Excellence™ in Style

...It’s not about what you wear; its about having the courage to be who you are.
— Crishon Jerome, CEO

Our Brand

Originally inspired by observing the efforts of artists, athletes and entrepreneurs, CRōME finds resonance in a concept found common among the three groups: "achievement despite adversity." This concept exists at the bedrock of the emerging Creative class -- hungry go-getters who dare to dream and will go the extra mile to turn dreams into reality. CRōME's mission is to provide Creatives with immersive experiences in fashion, entertainment and empowerment that not only reflect their interests but alsospeak to who they are as a person. 

Our Belief

In this age of instant gratification, we've discovered that there is still no such thing as a shortcut to success. Instead, we believe in delivering standards of excellence that exceed expectation. We also know that true independence rests in the freedom of self-expression. Therefore, it is our goal to provide a platform that welcomes curiosity, inspires creative expression and facilitates change for the better. These beliefs reside in CRōME's commitment to celebrate all those "Achieving Excellence."

Our Community

CRōME is the brand of the Creative class -- a new workforce that challenges the status quo by seeking fulfillment. Creatives are not the loyalists of previous generations, who sacrificed happiness in exchange for financial gain and pseudo-security. Instead, this is a class of non-conformists who believe in accepting responsibility for every aspect of their existence. Similarly, CRōME believes that our engagements are not simply a matter of what we do, but rather they are a reflection of who we truly are as individuals and as a community.